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Now more than ever closed circuit television is the beating heart of any strong security solution – with crystal clear surveillance you can manage your business and keep track of your assets with greater detail and efficiency. No matter your CCTV requirements, Continental FM work continuously throughout the South East to exceed client expectations.

Are your CCTV systems performing to their optimum?

No matter what industry you’re in, we can find the right combination of security systems to suit your environment and meet your requirements. CCTV cameras range from simple applications to deter crime and vandalism, to larger networked solutions that survey massive grounds and aid Company Directors with useful insights into their business.

A wide range
of CCTV systems (below)

Working as a platinum partner with market leaders Hikvision, we are able to provide our customers with the widest breadth of quality CCTV systems. From reliable IP cameras for small applications, to intelligent PTZ cameras with in-built video analytics, our teams work across the South East, producing tailor-made solutions to get the very best out of Hikvision’s cameras, as well as your budget.

Day & Night Surveillance

Continental FM has a long history of specialising in the security sector.

We understand the need for an effective surveillance presence at night, no matter what industry or business you are wishing to protect. Statistically speaking, most burglaries happen between 10:00pm and 3:00am – therefore it is essential to have day/night cameras that capture footage at all hours.

Continental FM trust in the use of Hikvision for HQ Quality footage. Crystal clear video footage from class-leading CCTV manufacturers allows you to pinpoint events and identify people from afar.

Rest easy knowing your property is protected using the latest ‘dark fighter’ technology, able to capture footage even in complete darkness.

High quality. video recording and perimeter surveillance give you the ability to cover critical areas around the external perimeter of your business, from car parks to outbuildings, you’re protected at all hours.

24/7 manned surveillance

Most internet protocol (IP) cameras now boast some form of day/night feature, ranging from basic image optimisation technologies to advanced day/night functionality in mid-to-high-end models. Operating across East Sussex and Kent, Continental FM are able to provide our recommendations for the best day/night cameras currently available and show you how best to utilise them.


Continental FM’s range of HD and Ultra HD CCTV cameras provide full coverage of large, open areas such as car parks and courtyards. Alternatively, they can be utilised within interiors such as shops to capture the finer details of transactions including facial details, cashiers and merchandise.

State-of-the-art CCTV bridges the gap of the unknown, providing you with clear evidence of any given scene. Your surveillance never sleeps.

Superior image quality
Leave no detail missing from the scene with High Definition CCTV cameras. Zoom-in and capture details like never before to help lead to an arrest.
Reduce the number of required cameras
Offering a larger field of view, HD CCTV cameras can be used to cut the number of total cameras needed in any installation – saving you money.
24/7 Surveillance without guards thanks to CCTV surveillance, your security never sleeps. Connect your smartphone to your IP HD CCTV system and you can even view live feeds from wherever you are in the world. Intruder detection with HD analytics through intelligent video analytics your cameras can work proactively to detect intruders, spot till fraud, capture facial details and much much more.

1080p HD and beyond

Whilst high definition is commonly associated with higher quality visuals, it is often the ability to zoom-in on footage that is used the most to review historic CCTV footage. With 1080p, 4K resolution and beyond, you have the power to pick out the finer details of the scene, such as facial details or number plates. HD footage tells you what happened, where, when and how.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom

Professional PTZ cameras are the platform for any intelligent surveillance system, allowing you to integrate into other technologies. Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras are the eyes and ears for your security system. Our experience in surveillance equipment allows us to tailor these systems to perform tasks suited to your business and application, including tracking movement, capturing number plates or even detecting flaws in health and safety procedure. Many of our Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras come fitted with built-in motion tracking – perfect for protecting perimeters around your property. Dependent on the model you choose, your Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera can detect movement up to 1,000 feet and subsequently zoom-in on subjects in a discreet manner for a clear picture of the scene. Once connected to your alarm, your Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera can provide a second, visual verification of any alarm detections from door sensors, break-glass sensors and PIR detectors.

high-end HD performance from Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras.

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are the most capable of all CCTV cameras, allowing you to track movement and survey a 360° field of view with pinpoint accuracy. With the remote control, or with the addition of remote monitoring, you can follow scenes in motion, zoom-in and capture details in HD resolution. Alternatively, PTZ cameras can be tailored to scan a designated area automatically.

Thermal CCTV Cameras

In extremely low light, harsh weather conditions or where security is paramount, thermal CCTV is becoming a popular addition to security systems. Detecting thermal energy, these cameras cut through the darkness for unrivalled detection – however, their qualities can often be used for much more than just surveillance.

Unlike day/night cameras, Thermal CCTV doesn’t rely on IR LEDs for it’s range – this means you can detect objects at great distant from just a heat signature. Thermal CCTV is by far the best solution for night-time surveillance, it’s the ability to flawlessly detect movement without a false alarm is unrivalled.

Our team can even install Thermal CCTV cameras to work alongside existing security measures, providing you with the advantages of both systems. Thanks to it’s greater range, Thermal CCTV cameras can out-perform 2 or more standard cameras, allowing you to install much less hardware and equipment and consequently save money.

As well as surveillance, thermal cameras have endless uses in monitoring factory processes. Our cameras can aid food production, ensure quality control or pre-empt machinery downtime.

The many uses of thermal CCTV cameras

Thermal cameras can be tailored to identify both uniformity and spikes in temperature – providing essential data about your production process. The need to accurately monitor the temperature of foods in the cooking, chilling and freezing processes is integral within food manufacturing plants and is, therefore, the quality control method of choice for many production and manufacturing premises across the world.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Don’t put staff or keyholders at risk – our remote operatives can verify alarms using your CCTV feeds and consequently call for police response.

Connecting your CCTV system to our accredited Remote Monitoring Station allows all threats to be seen, heard and dealt with, regardless of the time of day or night. In the event of a trigger, operatives are able to assess the situation in real-time before deciding on the best course of action to rectify the situation.

In the event of an alarm, your CCTV cameras can be utilised by our monitoring team to identify the trigger and verify the alarm, allowing Police to intervene. With CCTV monitoring you can rest assured that your property is being watched overnight and day by professionals – your security never sleeps.

In the event of an intrusion, rather than deterring thieves through sirens or audible challenge, your monitoring can be tailored to trigger a silent alarm. Once verified, Police can then attend the scene to apprehend thieves in the act.

Our monitoring teamwork as your on-site security guards – without costly fees or putting people at risk. Using speakers on-site, we can challenge and deter intruders by making sure they know they are being watched via CCTV.

Complete Peace of Mind

Remote CCTV monitoring also helps reduce the need for an on-site security guard whose safety could be threatened in the event of a potential intruder or incident, it also eliminates the requirement for on on-site monitoring station which is very costly to set up and maintain. CCTV monitoring can be tailored to all times of the day, or simply outside of working hours.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is the art of training your HD CCTV cameras to work as security guards. With set routines and tasks, your cameras can identify certain scenes or movement and alert you to the threat. CCTV working in this way can provide preventative protection for your business, rather than simply analysing past scenes.

Analytics evolves your CCTV systems into a living, breathing security guard – able to track movement, trigger alarms and collect vital data. Your cameras can be security guards, able to track individuals and follow them through the environment – triggering alarms in the event of intrusion.

Designate virtual perimeters on fence lines, restricted areas or even no-parking zones. If entered by a person or vehicle, an alarm can be triggered.

Unlike traditional CCTV which may only record evidence of a crime taking place, Video Analytics can be trained to spot crimes before they are committed. Guards can be alerted upon intrusion or suspicious activity whilst your cameras continue to capture the scene in full HD quality for later review.

With Video Analytics, your cameras work in unison with access control, intruder alarms and gate automation to provide 24/7 surveillance. Audit trails can be verified in HD footage and incidents can be caught proactively as well as stored for later review.

Advanced detection & business insights

Traditional CCTV cameras once surveyed a scene, offering historic footage to be recalled in the event of a crime or incident. Today, video analytics can help your cameras to do much more. From movement detection on virtual perimeters to advanced object tracking and facial recognition, our systems can be tailored to any security challenge or scenario.



This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many benefits.

License Number: FS 594265

The ISO 14001 standard specifies a process for the control and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. The management tool enables TGS Security Specialists to identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products and services; to continuously improve its environmental performance; and, to implement a systematic approach to set and achieve environmental objectives and targets.

License Number: EMS 620397


An Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System provides a framework for an organisation to identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, comply with legislation and improve operational performance. 

License Number: OHS 620398

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